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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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and last year i participated in the summer job program, and i got to learn about property management and accounts receivable and accounts payable. at the end of the six weeks i was asked from my supervisor to be a permanent hire. i immediately said yes, because i get to work in the financial district, get to suit up. and i get to learn about all types of real estate management stuff. i highly encourage all youth to continue with match bridge and go on in life. and i want to say that i want to emphasize on the youth for mayor ed lee. the youth is our future, and if we don't make our youth strong. how is our future going to be strong? and i would like to say thank
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you to mayor lee and department heads, and have a great day. >> now we are going to the fun part. and we will do public comment. a couple of things before we move forward. i want everyone to be mindful, i am just the moderator. i don't put the cards in order or pick them. i am just the moderator and making sure we stay on schedule. with that said, we will call up the first group of speakers. you have a maximum of two minutes. be mindful we want everyone the opportunity to speak. i will call up the names of the first group. we have a timekeeper here, he will let you know when you have one minute left, when you have 30 seconds left and when it's time to stop. first we have candace pierceson, district 10, and represent girls
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2,000 and their group. mike brown representing district 10 and 11. lisa prosak, direct 10. lance hill district 10 and charlie walker district 10. >> i am blandy mack, the program director of girls 2,000. we are a hunter's point family. we have been in the community over for 13 years, and we are here to address the cut in funding for girls 2,000. we offer more than after-school programs as i heard earlier. we do year-round programming, all summer programming, and green education and life-skill building and we are extended
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family. more than just a program, the new name for case managers is care managers. because we take care of our girls in the community. they are not a case, they are humans, they are spirit and energy and clearly the future. we come to you today and i brought a couple of my girls with me. and what we do in girls 2,000. and in the gardens my girls showed up their skills something that every black woman. and i will introduce dejenae and why she comes to girls 2,000. >> my name is janeja, i come to 2,000 because after school i usually go home and be bored. when i go to 2000 i have fun with my friends.
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>> my name is talae, i go to girls 2000 and they help me with me homework and i know some of my math now. >> a small comment, i have an older girl, i am proud of her, she's giving me a look. she's not graduated from the garden and working with the tree service, planting trees in the community. more than just district 10. we are moving them up and out and creating real sustainability within our community. >> i am karylna, i have gone to girl's 2000 and i learned they are there when you need them. say your parents are not here, and you can call them and they are there for you any time. they don't leave you out and like i was working at the garden. i don't work there no more, but
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they are still there for you even though you are not a part of the area. they are a lot of help. they give you great advice. i can go to them when i need them. i really love it there. and we really like it because we need more money to help us go to trips. like to go to nevada and travel and see the world. you know, that's about it. [applause] >> hello. my name is candace peerson, i started off in girls 2000 a few years ago, i am not going to tell you how many, because then you know my age. i am here to talk about the cut. last friday we received e-mail that we got like cut bad. and i am basically here to propose when i go out on maternity leave and come back, that all of this is situated and
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it's really hurtful because this is a program that i started out when i was a youth and to see that they may not have that when they get older like started working in that garden. and now i am a bookkeeper. i was able to go to san francisco state university because of the workers at girls 2000. now my mom wouldn't let college not an option but i have people on my back. and these girls have that now, but if they don't have the money, what are they going to do? and (inaudible) is telling me it's going to be okay, and deep down i don't know if we will be able to come back and have a program after april 31. and that's sad because school starts. like what are these girls going to do? some of them don't have money for school supplies or
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backpacks. they can't even go home and get a meal. and i am not being funny and not crying because i am pregnant, saying that pregnant people are emotional. this is real, and it hurts me to be at that office and not knowing if these girls can come and we may have to close our doors. i hope you guys take that into consideration. >> mike brown. [applause] >> excuse me, shamon, could you ask girls 2000 how much was cut? >> she told me 110,000. >> okay. thank you. >> mike brown, founder of inner city youth. i been working with the youth
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from bay-view, lakeview, and just about every community in san francisco. these young men you know the mayor is talking about rolling out his violence prevention plan. if he knew the work i do in this community, he would be calling me in. i been here since i retired in muny from 2005. we have been funded since 97. and i wouldn't accept pay for three years. now my pay is minimum, i do it because people think a guy is getting funded. you assume what my salary is. and i hire people that get paid more than me. but enough for me, i am fighting for the kids. and we done lost so many kids
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out here it's just sad. and for us to get cut on the resurgence program and i hope they come to the studio and we help them get their cds and their whole program to be able to go out in the community and give people their dvd's and cd's so they can run their own record label. we want to get on a positive note and not talk about this negative rap. if the mayor is going to be serious about violence prevention. we have kids from every community sitting in your inner city youth. and you can come there and see for yourself. i hope that they will give us the money for the multi-media project and tommy, say something. >> my name is tommy, basically
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what icy what it does from tuesday to saturday they do like studio time. show you how to do your videos, and make beats. and on saturday is a clean-up day. and everyone gets paid (inaudible) that's basically it. >> lisa. >> hello, my name is lisa scola, i live in district 10 on wisconsin street. i am very happy that the budget is being balanced. thank you very much and i am happy about our supervisor cohen. i am an artist and i have been writing opera in district 10 for 20 years. and bringing people in from the community to perform in the
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operas. classical music and orchestras. and wonderful things happen and these are our resources. i want to ask if they will continue and increase the cultural equity grants and the san francisco art commission is reviewing these things. and the benefit of doing this, it's a small amount of money. it ties in with the daniel webster concept of keeping the parents happy of the tech boom who will find this a culturally vivid and challenging and beautiful hill. where they can see international opera and classical music. because this stuff does happen here really high-quality arts. thank you. >> good evening, i am lance
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burton. i will read this, i am happy that you have chosen to share your budget plans. this is a community that needs more than just jobs, we are advancing the momentum towards careers. the industrial age has passed. the waterfront that sustained our community in the 40s and 50s is gone. construction is merely a hopeful opportunity. in this building we are preparing competent and reliable and productive citizens to run their own businesses and skills and launch their creative talents on to the global stage. our mission is to build on our innate work ethic. we see the work-based knowledge and opportunities that are here. but we refuse to allow our southeast community to be left behind from opportunities and wealth in san francisco now.
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we recognize that environmental complications have impacted the maturation of some of our young people development. we will not let uninformed futility curve our aspirations to regaining our position as a complete and thriving community. here at the southeast community facility thanks in parts to a b-top grant administered through the city of college of san francisco community network information technology department. some of whom those members are here standing around the room. i see a half dozen or so. advocated by the chairwomanas city college, and mr. al yeatts and others. we have established media opportunity and entrepreneurship opportunity through a simple class. with the support of southeast facility -- if you give me 30
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seconds. of dr. jackson and the black leadership chapter we have provided for a model program for the teens. we would like to take our program off line and continue pushing this program forward mr. mayor. >> hi, i am lana miller, with hu hunter's point family. and i have so many things to talk about and so many things we are passionate and work on. now i am here in my role as a member of the mental health board and particularly for trauma and community related violence. i know for the last years
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barbara garcia has counted mental services in d-10 as community and violence and trauka. and for years we have talked about it and talked about it and when we try to engage the department of health, we got yes we understand it's a priority but we don't know what to do. in november/october last year in 20 2012, we had the southeast mental health summit around trauma. and a large segment of the community and dph and we put together a plan that was adopted by the san francisco mental health board. and signed on by all community-based organizations that provide mental health services. i am saying that we have a plan in d-10 and we know how to get started. now it's time to quit saying
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it's a problem but don't know what to do. but invest dollars into an infrastructure to build a first-class model around the community. the statistics is that 43% of people coming in clinics in bayview-hunter's point, 60% depression and 40% anxiety. we have a major, major problem in d-10. and we need it start addressing it. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, some of you in the audience probably know who i am. i have been in the construction business for about 40 years.
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i raised a family in bayview. and when i went into the construction business there were 150 black contractor and today there are three. let me tell you how that happened, the white people in this city has gone on a journey to run every black person out of san francisco. when the population was 28% black, and today it's less than 6%. i know that a lot of black people have good jobs. and you think that everything will be all right as long as you beg these white people for money. but they are not interested in us as black people and they are not going to do much for you if anything. they have taken all the money out of the programs. they have run every black contractor out of san francisco. and the biggest insult i had
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today, that i come in here and they have signs in the place, spanish on this side and cantonese on this side. i have lived a lifetime of negro in the black and you know it will be about our color. you see you don't know how white people do us, why we don't have nuthin now. the highest place for black people to go to jail is in california. they told us if we would let them put the train down third street, they would give us parking. that damn train has been there. you need to wake up and tell these people what we need and stop begging for trivial things
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that they ain't going to give you no ways. >> next group of speakers district 11, marina garero. district 10 mrs. hughes. district 11 (inaudible) and district 10 austin. marina greer? ginnesus. yes. marina garehr.
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denise hughes. >> hello, everybody. can y'all hear me? okay. i am denise hughes, i am a resident of hunter's view of san francisco. living in hunter's view i encourage the department leaders and effective officers to work with cbos in order to provide the desperately needed services to my community. transportation, jobs, job placement and readiness and youth enrichment services, and all other capturing a healthy environment. thank you. >> i am a resident for more than 20 years. three years ago our community had some program for our asian
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residen residents, which by the way is largest in district 10. last year services for us have reduced to the point this semester all of our class, citizenship classes are all gone. our once vibrant community center almost had no services for our english speaker. or whether (inaudible) senior for this budget please make sure all of the outside programs organized that ask for public funding, service responsible for our resident needs and for -- and they must got our import and not represent to us what we want in our city to make sure our
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city (inaudible) public funding program that treat our api population will get proper funding in language access, community organization and service, thank you.
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[speaking foreign language] translator: she's a home care and single mom, she's takes care of her daughter and the cuts will impact her. and she is going to lose some hours. and it will ympact her and her child. she wants the support from the mayor and everyone on the panel
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so there won't be any cuts in the ish home care. >> thank you. [applause] >> linda. >> good evening, i am linda lighthouser, i will like to thank mayor lee and supervisor avalos for the wonderful opportunity to apply for the community action grants. and one group i belong to is a recipient of that grantee. and tonight i am here to talk about another community project. it regards greater activation of mcclair park, the city's second largest park, and encompasses district 9, 10 and 11. but usually on the low end of
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funding with the city. i have been working with the rec and park division and many divisions within rec and park, to bring more activities to mcclarin park, and one is to activate the community theater and work with the police patrol and citizens to create supervision and added security for the park to add events for the public at low fees. we are excited about this project, but funding of course in this situation is also in need. we hopeful that the three supervisors that surround the park will provide for more funding from the park and to bring these programs. lastly i would like to say that our parks are very dear to all citizens of san francisco.
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and in the southeast part of san francisco, we suffer from lack of funding, and urge that full funding for rec and park department be in the budget this year. thank you. >> cheryl austin. >> good evening, i am cheryl austin, i am chair of the youth first advisory board. and last friday we received devastating news that our 10-year program that had a fantastic success rate had funds totally cut. tonight i want you to see the faces of those parents and youth that it will be impacted by that decision. >> good evening, i am nirein marow, i am one of the directors at the summer enrichment program. i had something they was going to say to you tonight, however i
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received a letter from a young man in the program, he's nine-year-old and his name is roman banks. it says, dear people, can you please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top save youth first by giving us such bad news. you made people cry. we had great memories shared here, many of the people from the summer that are not here for the school year are looking forward to the youth first summer program and will be heart broken to hear the bad news. please give us another chance, sincerely roman j. banks. >> my name is minnard monroe, i am a program director of the youth first program. i will be real quick, i would like to say it's ironic that in 2003 i received an unsung hero
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award from the supervisors in our district for starting the program. and then 10 years later they are telling me to close the doors. just interesting and it's heart breaking. i feel like i let the children down in my community. and i just hope that the supervisors when they make decisions can remember some of the faces and understanding that it affects a lot of people when we cut programs in communities. thank you. >> next five speakers. alma robinson. jackie flin. delores mcgee. eddie zane. erin yen.
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al alma robinson [repeating] this is erin yen. >> thank you very much. good evening supervisors, mr. mayor. i really appreciate you coming to my neighborhood, district 10. and listening to so many committed citizens who have turned out tonight. i am here to speak on behalf of a couple programs, first of all a thank you. my name is alma robinson. i am director of california lawyers for the arts. we very much appreciate the funding from the department of children, youth and families, that has been a part of our effort for a number of years. this is our 20th year to provide
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internships for high school students, many from bayview with art programs and we look to expand that program to include for-profit businesses. including old navy and start-up design companies, and as well as non-profit art organizations. we provide training and communication skills, the so-called soft skills that are important to keep jobs and continue on a career that is meaningful. i want to speak on the san francisco art commission and the proposal to extend cultural equity grants that is important for communities throughout san francisco. i was part of a task force for many years that established that program. thank you for your consideration. and thank you to all


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